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Wet Paintbrushes


“Whispers of the Forest”

In the heart of ancient woods, where sunlight tiptoes,

The forest breathes its secrets, a symphony of shadows.

Leaves, like emerald whispers, flutter in hushed tones,

And moss-clad stones cradle stories, etched in ancient runes.

The brook, a silver ribbon, dances with delight,

Its liquid notes weaving melodies through the night.

Beneath the moon’s soft gaze, ferns unfurl their grace,

As fireflies waltz, leaving trails of stardust in their chase.

The owl, a sage sentinel, perches on a limb,

Its eyes, twin galaxies, pierce the darkness dim.

Stars above, like diamond dewdrops, adorn the velvet sky,

And the wind, a gentle troubadour, sings lullabies.

In this cathedral of green, where time slows its pace,

I find solace and wonder, a sacred resting place.

For nature, in its quiet majesty, reveals life’s art,

A canvas painted with love, stitched together by the heart.

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I've been creating since I can remember.  My grandmother, grandfather and mother were all artists.  I spent years in the corporate world but wanted time with our children and this change allowed me   the ability to pursue my creative side.  

Nature and all its beauty are what inspires me the most... the colors, shapes, light and life itself.  

What I hope to bring to you is a bit of happiness and beauty.  A special and unique piece that reminds you of your joy.  

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