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Feeling vulnerable…

Some days you wake up and feel like you can conquer the world. Other days, not so much. After several weeks off I was felling so ready to paint again. After several weeks off, I was also feeling as though I had become invisible on social media, losing more followers than gaining. Is my value as an artist if people follow me? Is my value as an artist if people purchase my work? I know what the answer should be but I’m just being real. We are bombarded with “do this” and I’m tired of paying attention to that. I’m tired of comparing myself to other artists. I’m 62 years old for heavens sake! Normally I can push those things aside. Today I’m going to try hard to release those negative messages and feelings.

I love to create. I love being in my new studio. I’m just a little bit discouraged and so I’m going to approach my easel as if I’m starting new. Let’s see what happens. Stay tuned.

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Jun 21

Don’t be discouraged. You’re a.wonderful artist who has truly overcome some very real obstacles.

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