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It feels like vacation to me...

I'm closing in on a month here in Maine and it all feels surreal. I've set up house but somehow still feel slightly "perched". I am surrounded by the things I love and haven't quite managed too feel settled in. When you vacation someplace for 38 years and now you live there it doesn't seem possible. And yet...

Higgins Beach - photo credit Gretchen Smith

My husband's family owns a small cottage here. We are in a small quaint town not far from the shore. I went yesterday to our local salon and got a haircut. Supporting local! And I've been busy playing contractor for my Mother-in-law as the storms were rough on the cottage this winter and she is currently at her Annapolis home. So I'm getting to know all the locals, the dump man, heat pump installer, furnace man, boulder delivery man, handy man extraordinaire, radon mitigator and more. Phew. And I'm loving it! I get to help my family while being immersed into the Maine culture.

So with that I'll try to find more time to paint in my new studio. Working on that too. It's coming along but has a ways to go. I'll share more on that later. Here is a piece I finished last week.

My interpretation of the above photo. 8" x 10" on canvas board. Available here on my site. I love this place. This view. Our new home here in Maine. Pinch me!


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