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Planting season

Our house here is new so we’ve been spending time in our garden. One of the reasons I fell in love with Maine were the colors. The flower colors looked so much clearer, brighter. The air so pure. Being originally from Michigan, it reminds me of Northern Michigan. It feels right.

Each day I wake the air hits me and I think I was right. The colors just pop.

Few pots for our deck. Loebelia is such a vibrant blue. Delicate and lovely. Virginia heat did not allow me to enjoy it as it quickly burned from the sun. In Maine it’s happy all summer long.

The railing hangers I purchased on line. They hold my 10” terracotta pots perfectly.

Our deck off the back of the house. Love our vintage swivel rockers. Perfect to sip coffee and enjoy the leaves about to burst. Oh and watch the busy ground hogs, wild turkeys, baby squirrels and deer.

Much more planting upfront and I’ll share soon. Daisies, grasses, salvia, and lime light hydrangea to name a few.

Peonies are one of my favorite. I must plant those next. In the meantime I’ll enjoy the ones I received for Mother’s Day. Look for some newly inspired peony paintings soon.

Happy planting. What flowers are a must for you?


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